Tired of All These Autism and ADHD Brats


For all the parents of “brats” with ADHD or autism:

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When I was a kid they didn’t call it “Behavioral Disorders.”  They called it “Being a little brat!”  This is just ONE of many memes I have seen on my social networks. They are shared by my friends and family. I would like to think that is just the ignorant/uneducated who feel this way, but it isn’t.

Driving home from work a couple weeks ago, a college-educated peer told me that she felt that “most of these autism and adhd diagnoses” are fabricated.  Her son had some of the traits of a child with Autism/ADHD but HE doesn’t have Autism/ADHD so maybe it doesn’t really exist. She felt it was just an “excuse” for people NOT to parent. Did I mention she was COLLEGE EDUCATED?!?  She knew about my blog, my Asperger’s, and my beliefs, but since my thoughts are different from hers, of course mine MUST be wrong.  After…

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mama cat

mamaThis image is of the mama cat who has recently moved her month old babies into our driveway. They are all pretty feral, so I’ve been feeding them everyday, hoping to be able to catch them to neuter them soon.

Anybody looking for a kitten?!

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KU concert

Last weekend, my sister and I took my niece and her friend to the Keith Urban concert in Cincy. We had a great time and, even though our tickets were on the lawn, we had a great view.

Here are a few pics from the evening!


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imageAs we’re preparing to leave for a 3-day mini-vacation here in the state before school starts, I thought I’d try to document our trip. So, here goes:

We begin now on Mon morning with Bersain and me packed, bathed and sitting on the couch waiting for the hubs to return from getting the oil changed in the car. He’s back, so off we go…

We stopped in Cave City to eat and ended up looking at some souvenir shops. B bought a bag of rocks.

We then headed in to Bowling Green and toured the Corvette Museum. We saw the sinkhole that opened up a few months ago and the cars it swallowed up. Some looked fixable, but a few were pretty sad.
Finally we got to the motel, and the boys did a little swimming before supper.

After a lackluster continental breakfast at the motel, we headedto Beech Bend, which is located between a cattlefield and a cornfield. For its size, it’s pretty nice, with rides and a waterpark. We rode the log flume, bumper cars and slide, and B played in the wave pool.

Heading home!

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hobby horse

horseTwo seemingly unrelated topics have been on my mind lately: the covering of Viagra, but not some forms of birth control, by Hobby Lobby, and the use of Premarin, a hormone replacement made from pregnant horse urine.

How, one might ask, are the two related? Both practices can cause harm to babies, both human and horse. Stay with me here for a minute.

Let’s just say a male Hobby Lobby employee refills his covered Viagra prescription and is ready to go. His girlfriend or wife can’t get her birth control, so she ends up pregnant. Now an unplanned child is on the way. Will it be aborted or put up for adoption? If it’s the latter, who will adopt the baby when there is already a dearth of foster/adoptive parents?

Now, let’s say a mare is being farmed for her urine, the primary ingredient in Premarin. She is kept pregnant as often as possible. If her foals aren’t sold or adopted, where will they end up? In the same situation as her? Or worse, shipped out of the country to slaughter?

Of course, people should have the option for treatment if having typical aging problems like impotence, dryness or hot flashes. However, there are other plant-based alternatives to Premarin. And, if Viagra is covered, shouldn’t different forms of birth control be too?

With all of the problems currently going on in the world, from fighting in Gaza to an immigration crisis right here at home, it just makes sense that people can find solutions to their sexual inadequacies without putting babies at risk.

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Planet of the Apes II

caesarMy son and I saw Dawn of the Planet of the Apes a couple weeks ago at our local drive-in theater. Having seen the original (not the original original, but the first in this series) when it came out, I hoped the sequel would live up to it. Although it was good and I was not disappointed, at least I didn’t cry during this one.

The movie picks up about ten years after the first one ended. A simian flu, created by scientists performing experiments on chimps, has decimated the human population. A group of chimps, led by Caesar, the first movie’s hero, is living peacefully in the woods outside of San Francisco. They are disturbed by a small group of humans who have been sent into the woods to the river to try to locate a way to get the city back on the grid. Caesar tries to keep the peace between the chimps and humans, but Koba, a rival chimp who endured painful lab experiments performed by humans, has other plans. He frames a human for injuring Caesar, and leads the other chimps, except for Caesar’s most loyal subjects, into war with the humans. A human leader, who lost his family to the flu, does not hesitate to try to kill the chimps either. The movie does not end in a clear resolution; it pretty much sets the scene for the next film in the franchise.

Regardless, I felt like the movie continued in the same vein as the original. The themes that stood out were that kindness begets kindness and cruelty begets cruelty. The war-mongering chimp and human both showed a kind of evil. However, it was understandable to see how their hatred evolved.

One of the most memorable lines in the film is spoken by Caesar, who says “I thought apes were better than humans, but we are not. We are the same.”

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a wolf (lion) in sheep’s clothing

bitchwhorePerhaps, if you’re unlucky, you’re familiar with Matt Walsh ( themattwalshblog.com ),the controversial conservative blogger. He is staunchly pro-life. However, he and his wife have not adopted any of the children he professes to care so much about.

Instead, in his latest post, he chooses to criticize people disgusted by Kendall Jones, the Texas teenage beauty queen cheerleader who likes to sport hunt exotic animals and photograph herself with their dead bodies. His argument is that most of the people upset are raving liberals who care more about animals than people.

Bearing in mind that I may be doing nothing more than introducing his blog to more of an audience (not too likely, considering my low readership), I feel I must address his argument:

1. If someone (like me) is pro-choice and opposed to canned sport hunting (even if the animals are not endangered and the meat is given to locals), there is no hypocrisy there. If I saw that someone were hunting small children, I would likewise obviously be upset.

2. People are not animal lovers because, as he puts it, they don’t have to do anything. I volunteer plenty with the local shelter, cat TNR and on animal legal advocacy.

3. You’re welcome to express your opinion, but be honest that what you are doing is being purposely controversial to attract a bigger audience and more attention. Surely even you can’t be as big an asshole as you seem to be!

4. Finally, if pretty is as pretty does, then Kendall Jones is excruciatingly hideous!

That is all.

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Before You Start Arguing About Hobby Lobby….


This guy says it better than I ever could…

Originally posted on The Boeskool:

…. Please consider a few things.

Q: Know what happens when fewer women have access to birth control? A: The number of unwanted pregnancies goes up. And guess what happens when there are more unwanted pregnancies…. You guessed it–More abortions. So there’s something to think about….

"The court, I fear, has ventured into a minefield." ~ Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

“The court, I fear, has ventured into a minefield.” ~ Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

You know what? The family who runs Hobby Lobby is probably really nice. I’ve never met them, but I’d be willing to bet that if my wife and I ate dinner at their house, at the end of the night we’d would walk out the giant front door, get our minivan from the valet, and while we were driving home we’d talk about what nice people they were (right after we’d gotten done talking about how ridiculously huge their house was). And you know what? The same is probably true for most of…

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Coventry Doesn’t Care II

imageI got this response from the Department of Insurance today stating that a file has been created for the complaint I have with the Coventry MCO for not covering Bersain’s prescriptions.

We shall see if this gets us anywhere or any reimbursement. I’m not holding my breath.

Luckily I switched his coverage to Wellcare during open enrollment. So hopefully the problem will cease to exist.

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Bersainisms III?

imageAs a few may know, I have tried to keep record on this blog of funny or cute things Bersain, my son, has said over the years. I have done this more so that I will remember them than for any other reason. I have just a few additions:

After a particularly bad case of road rage I experienced, of which I am not proud, he asked “Well mommy, is your cuss box all cussed out now?” Apparently sarcasm is an acquired trait in our family.

After scolding him for having an online chat with a stranger over a game, he replied, “But mommy, he or she doesn’t know my name, and I don’t know he or she’s name.”

Also, he recently ordered some games on his Ipod after I forgot to take my debit card off our ITunes account after making a purchase. When I informed him that I changed the password so he could not make that “mistake” again, he said ” That password’s for you to know and me to learn. Mommy, your passwords are so easy a brick could figure them out.”

Sometimes I don’t know whether he’s goofy or an evil genius…

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