It’s only January, I know, but I’m so sick of my son’s AR (accelerated reader) program at school, I could just crap. Being the unmotivated little guy he is, he never tests on his books unless I do it with him when I drop him off at the school library in the morning. Since he’s supposedly such a good reader, he has to read a lot more books than most kids, too. So, at the end of every 9-week grading period, I’m always stuck in the library before or after school testing with him.

I’ve threatened to not help him meet his goal this time, which could make him ineligible to attend his end-of-year ball, which I may have to do. However, doesn’t that just make me look like a bad parent for not working with my child enough for him to reach his goal?

It’s just so annoying! I’m ready for summer.


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37-year-old working mom in KY
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