blue monday

I got nothing for Valentine’s Day from either my boyfriend or my son.  Considering that my son is only 7, I give him a little extra leeway.  However, would it have really been so difficult for my boyfriend to have picked up a card from my son?  He usually at least gets me a card and some cheap candy that he knows I won’t eat and he can eventually have.

I know Valentine’s Day is basically a ploy for the candy, flower and card industries, but it would be nice for it to at least be recognized.  I got cards for my son to give my boyfriend, mom, sister and grandmother and candy for my niece and nephews, as well as valentines for school.  Next year,  I think I’m going on strike!

Oh well, at least my mom had left me a card and some candy when I got in from work.


About mcbarlow5

37-year-old working mom in KY
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