felons & jurors

A Northern Kentucky man was recently denied parole after serving two years in prison for stabbing to death an acquaintance’s two cats.  That got me thinking about a couple of other pending felony cases in the state.  When I checked with the court clerks’ offices involved, I found out the following disturbing information:

Paul Dearinger, a man in Anderson County, killed and burned his girlfriend’s puppy.  He was charged with felony torture.  His case was submitted to the Grand Jury, who refused to indict him.  Yes, you read that right!  THE GRAND JURY REFUSED TO INDICT HIM.  Subsequently, his case was dismissed.

Larry Caudill, a man in Pulaski County, killed his girlfriend’s puppy in front of her children.  Not surprisingly, he has an extensive criminal history. His case went up for review in October, but nothing further has been done since that time.

It’s apparently too late for justice in the Anderson Co. case.  However, there’s still hope for the Pulaski Co. case.  Please contact the prosecutors in the county, and ask that they prosecute this case to the fullest extent of the law.


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