A couple of weeks ago in Harlan County, KY, a guy threw a puppy over a bridge.  A little boy helped the puppy out of the water below.  The guy then threw the puppy off a second time.  This time a homeless man rescued the puppy, nicknamed “Lucky,” and took him to the local animal shelter.  The person held responsible, Jerry Russel, has been charged with cruelty to animals. 

Last weekend the animal shelter was damaged by a tornado and lost most of its dog food, cat food and litter.   If anyone is in the position to donate so that the shelter can continue to care for Lucky and the other animals, please try to help. The shelter’s address and number are:  Harlan County Animal Shelter, 394 Hwy 840, Baxter KY  40806, 606-573-8867.

Also, please feel free to contact the local County Attorney’s office to ask that the case against Jerry Russel be vigorously prosecuted.  The County Attorney’s address and number are: Harlan County Attorney, PO Box 1440, Harlan, KY 40831, 606-573-1794.

Click the attached link to view a picture of a puppy similar to Lucky. Note that there has been a lot of interest shown in adopting Lucky.  However, since he is the subject of an ongoing investigation, he probably will not be available for adoption for some time.


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