Easter Chick

Another Easter’s over, but it was a good one for us.  The rain cleared, my nephew was baptized (although I think he was mainly just impressed with getting to eat bread and drink wine now), and my mom got the kids each a chick.

They are so cute and sweet.  I know many people suggest not getting chicks or ducks or rabbits for Easter presents but, since my parents have a pond and are building a coop on their farm, the rule does not really apply here.

I’m glad our kids still get the opportunity to be in the country with the animals when they visit their grandparents.  When I was a kid and wasn’t in school, I was riding my bike or roller skating.  If our kids aren’t in school or activities, all they seem to do is play silly video games.  At least they get to keep in touch with nature.  I feel bad for all the kids that don’t get that opportunity anymore.


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2 Responses to Easter Chick

  1. What a great experience for your children! My daughter had ducks when she was little and they used to jump out of the pond and follow her around while she played in the woods. They were like little puppies! Thanks for the post!

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