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My son, Sain, played tball pretty well last year.  So when he started coach pitch baseball this spring, I had no qualms.  After just two practices, his coach called to ask if I’d be interested in moving him back to tball for more practice.  I was shocked, considering that, although he needed practice hitting and catching, he was running down balls in the outfield before older kids could get to them. The funny thing is, my nephew played coach pitch last year and only got one hit all season.  But, he wasn’t cut from the team.  Anyway, after my initial disappointment, I agreed to move him back.  I told him his old tball team was low on players and wanted him back (little white lie).

His parade and first scrimmage was this weekend.  He got a run and got some outs, and he was as happy as a pig in slop.  He did ask me if he could go back to coach pitch if he got a grand slam.

I’m still practicing hitting and catching with him on my own.  I selfishly want his old coach to look on with jealousy next spring when another coach drafts him!


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One Response to tball, bball, schball

  1. carolyn barlow says:

    I agree he shouldn’t even be in tball.

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