Hearing all the ruckus about Tony Weiner got me thinking. Obviously he lied about his Twitter account being hacked. However, was what he actually did better or worse than other politicians caught up in sex scandals?

Unlike Spitzer, he wasn’t actually having sex with anyone (as far as we know). He wasn’t even letting anyone perform fellatio on him a la Bill Clinton. He certainly didn’t have the mother of his out-of-wedlock children living in his home like the Governator.

So what did he do? He exchanged pictures, albeit creepy ones, of himself with women on the internet. Most men, married or not, will admit to looking at porn occasionally. Is this really such a big leap from that? I’ve read that men get more upset over their women cheating physically, and women tend to get more upset over men cheating emotionally. However,I know if I had to choose between my boyfriend having a physical affair with someone or sending pictures over the internet, I’d choose the latter. There’s certainly less chance of getting infected with some disease that way.

What do you think? Girls? Guys?


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