(Sun, 4 am)I’m writing this from a hospital room where I’m sitting overnight with my 85-year old grandmother. She was admitted a few days ago after being unsteady and confused. She has been diagnosed for some time with a form of leukemia and dementia, but the dementia just kicked into high gear this week. She also has a urinary tract infection and high calcium level, which we’ve been told can contribute to confusion.

Grandma raised two kids (my mom and uncle) mostly as a working single parent. She later helped raise my sisters, cousins and me. She has even helped care for our kids, her great grandchildren.

All of this makes it that much more difficult to accept that she is now unsure of where she is and unable to go to the bathroom without assistance. Earlier tonight when I came back into her room after smoking a cigarette, she accused me of having been out drinking. If only.

Anyway, she may be discharged today or tomorrow. If she goes home, unless we can find some outside services, my mom, who’s been watching my sisters’ and my kids this summer while we work, will probably be her primary caregiver. So, I’m not sure how we’ll manage at this point. Grandma’s right about one thing though: we may all need to start drinking before it’s all over!

(She’s home now and seems to be a little more herself in her own home.  We’re taking turns spending the night with her, but we’re going to need more help to keep her at home.  If anyone has any suggestions re home health/sitters, feel free to let me know-)


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37-year-old working mom in KY
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