Kid Rock’s Twittercation

Please disregard this post as the twitter account in question,@ _kid_rock_, has been proven to be a fake!:

Ok, I’ll admit it. I love Kid Rock. So I was intrigued when I found a personal twitter account for him several months ago. Although Rock, aka Bobby Ritchie, 40, also has a website and facebook account, he has personally interacted with his nearly 15,000 twitter followers and fans on a regular basis for over two years.

In the course of following him, I have also met several other of his followers who have come to form somewhat of an online community among themselves. Unfortunately for them, Rock announced this week that he will be deactivating most functions of his twitter account and taking an indefinite “twittercation” on November 1. Although he did not disclose specific reasons for the decision, he tweeted “There are reasons for it.” He further tweeted “For the sake of yalls community…I hope yall stay close. Keep harrangin ‘ each other.”

Longtime follower and followee Mary Ann Bell, a fellow Michigan resident, recently tweeted “When I got on twitter it was because of sports news…but I love some of these people I have met, because of (Rock).”

Rock, who begins a short, small-venue benefit tour in November,  stated that he will maintain his current professional twitter account at @kidrock.

Rock’s followers can continue to reminisce with him personally via twitter for a few more days. But, on November 1, they will say their goodbyes. Roll on, Kid!


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