school daze

Bersain brought home his 3rd grade 1st 9 wks’ report card Fri, and he got his first two Ds. I’m so proud! He had been having trouble in math and spelling, but those weren’t the subjects he got Ds in. His Ds were for reading and language arts. Reading has always been a strength for him. His mid-term averages in both subjects had been high Bs. So I was puzzled.

I went into work late the other day so that I could drop him off at school and talk to his teacher about the grades. She said that the sole reason for them was his not turning in homework and some classwork. I let her know that any work that comes homes is completed and sent back to school in his backpack. Well, apparently he hasn’t been bringing all his work home or turning in all his completed work. His teacher said she knew he had done some of the work because he had completed it in his after-school homework club. However, it never got turned in. She later found some of it in his desk. She agreed to try to keep a reward chart to encourage him to remember to take work home and turn it back in.

Bersain has lost his DS and Wii privileges at home until his grades improve. I pick him up from his school homework club on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, and he rides the bus to my grandmother’s house on Wednesdays and Fridays. I’m checking his backpack to make sure he has his work when I pick him up. On days he rides the bus and doesn’t make it home with his homework, I’m making an extra trip to the school to pick it up.

I don’t know if he’s truly always forgetting his work or if he thinks he won’t have to do it if he doesn’t bring it home. But I truly don’t understand why he’s not turning completed work in. Of course, last week he also left his lunch money I sent sitting in his folder all week. He does have ADHD, which he has a 504 plan at school to address. Overall his behavior has improved over the years (knock on wood!), but this homework deal is driving me crazy! I would like to blame the ADHD on genetics, as his biological mother has mental illness. He bears some responsibility too though, I think. Hopefully, this reward chart the teacher is planning on using will help the situation. We’ll see. For now, I guess I better get off of here and get back to helping with homework!


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