?school daze revisited?

Principal (on voicemail): I just wanted to let you know Bersain wouldn’t do his work today, so he’s being sent home with a packet to be returned Monday.


Teacher (on phone): He’s had a bad week. He won’t do his work and, when I ask if he needs help, he just shrugs. Is something going on with him at home? Does he need a change in medication? He’s a good boy, but…

No and I don’t know. We’ve now got another appointment with the doctor Monday to see if his Adderall for his ADHD needs to be upped. He’s so small though and it’s an appetite suppressant. I don’t even know if he’ll change it or if it will help.

I’ve talked to the teacher, requested tutors and evaluations and taken away electronics and toys. I don’t know what else to do short of beating him!

The sad part is that he is smart and capable. He read me a passage in less than a minute with 99% accuracy. I guess I should be grateful that he’s healthy, smart, cute and can be sweet. But if he continues at this rate, he won’t get out of the 3rd grade, much less high school or college. How do you motivate someone who couldn’t care less?

Sometimes I hate his biological mother, whose genes I think caused most of his problems. But how can you hate someone for something beyond their control? And what good would it do?

So I guess it’s more time off work Mon to go to the doctor. One step at a time is all I know to do.


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37-year-old working mom in KY
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2 Responses to ?school daze revisited?

  1. Trust me all will be okay. In the broader scheme of things not doing a bit of work is not big deal. I know it seems like it is right now but… Is he a good kid? Yes. That’s all that matters. maybe he is bored at school. I was a teacher and got fed up with the foolishness of what we were trying to teach kids.

    It will all turn out okay.

  2. mcbarlow5 says:

    Thanks for your reassuring comment. Hopefully you’re right!

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