bo co cats

An open letter to be included in the local newspaper I’m working on:

Some concerned Bourbon County citizens are forming a group to try to help control the cat overpopulation problem in the county. The group will use trap neuter return (TNR) methods to accomplish this goal. TNR consists of trapping feral or homeless cats, having them neutered and then returning them to the same environment. This method of population control keeps cats, who perform valuable rodent control services, from being euthanized while also keeping them from reproducing beyond control.

If you know of an area in the county with a large cat overpopulation problem, please help us by returning the following information to us at ?: contact name and number, address of neighborhood, description of cats, and any other information you have that may be helpful. This group is still in the early stages of forming, so we probably will not be able to address all queries immediately. However, this information will give us insight into the work that needs to be done to alleviate this problem.

Thank you so much for your caring attention to this matter.



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