holiday hell

Halloween and Thanksgiving are two of my favorite holidays. Now that they are over for another year, I’ll share my humble opinions as to why they beat the shit out of the next over-blown holiday, Christmas:

1. Both Halloween and Thanksgiving are centered around one of my favorite pastimes, eating. At Halloween it’s candy, and at Thanksgiving it’s turkey and all the trimmings. No matter, I’ll take either. Granted, Christmas usually involves food too, but it’s not the main attraction.

2. Halloween and Thanksgiving require very little planning. Sure, on Halloween you have to buy some candy and a costume, and on Thanksgiving you might have to make a dish or two. But that’s nothing compared to the gift-buying, card sending and decorating of Christmas.

3. Halloween and Thanksgiving are more economical than Christmas. For evidence, refer to #2.

I’m really not a Scrooge and, if Christmas was more about its real reason for celebration than the frenzy of materialism it has become, I might feel differently. Until that happens, I’ll be waiting for Valentine’s Day. No, scratch that for an entirely different set of reasons. I’ll be waiting for Easter…


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37-year-old working mom in KY
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