School Daze Part III

I feel so disgusted right now, and not just because WordPress just ate this entire blog post and I’m having to recreate it now. I alternate between feeling enraged and feeling like crying. Why? My 8-year-old is on the verge of failing Reading this grading period.

Maybe my expectations are too high for him. Personally I got straight As on report cards until I was in at least the 6th grade. However, I was also socially backward. So I certainly don’t wish he was like me.

He was also adopted, so a whole set of other genetic issues are involved. In past years, he’s gotten mostly As, Bs and Cs, or rather Es and Ss. However, in 3rd grade the subject matter and expectations are naturally getting a bit more strenuous. Right now, he has A averages in Science and Social Studies, Cs in Math and Spelling, a D in Language and an F in Reading. The sad part is that he actually reads pretty well, but he’s not completing the in-class reading written assignments.

We’ve had school meetings, and the school has agreed to let him complete some work on the computer. I’ve had trouble getting his homework assignments sent home and then turned back in, so his teacher has even made a checklist at his desk to remind him to take home homework in the afternoon and turn it back in the next morning. I’ve also taken him to the doctor recently to try to get his medication adjusted, to no avail. Additionally, he’s due to start counseling sessions next week. I guess I’ll just have to see if any of this has any positive effects.

The thing I most don’t understand about him is his lack of work ethic in completing his work. He’s seen me work all his life, so I would think some of that would have rubbed off on him. When he’s doing physical work, like helping my dad on the farm, he’s pretty hardworking, so maybe he’s just not going to be academically-oriented. He still has to get through school though. I’m just not sure I can take at least 9 more years of this!


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