Sometimes it’s hard to be enough: a good enough employee, parent, child, spouse or partner. Although pretty much every responsible adult feels this way sometimes, women seem to be especially prone to not feeling enough.

Although men have on average increased the amount of house and childcare work they do, women, even if they work outside the home, still perform the bulk of household work and childcare.

Trying to work, care for children, take care of a home, pay bills, cook, clean and do laundry while still maintaining a relationship with a significant other can be daunting. Trying to do so many things sometimes means not everything gets done perfectly, which can leave a woman feeling exhausted and like a failure.

Maybe just knowing that we’re not alone in this feeling can be some consolation. It also helps to keep in mind that someday retirement comes and children grow up. When that day arrives, we may actually miss the chaos of our current lives.

Until then, how do you find the balance to feel like enough in your life?


About mcbarlow5

37-year-old working mom in KY
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