impolite discourse

Well, according to the pundits, the presidential candidates are now 1-1 on debate wins. From the bits and pieces I’ve seen of the debates thus far, President Obama certainly seemed stronger and more himself during last night’s debate. Both candidates came out swinging (almost literally, at one point).

In all seriousness, the candidates offer two vastly different visions for America. All seriousness aside, the most entertaining part of the debate for me was reading comedians’ twitter comments during the program. Just a few of the best included:

“Candy was like, I’m not Leher. Shut it up Mitt. I got my hair did. #debate2012” Wanda Sykes

“I hate everyone in the town hall so much. They are the dumbest people in the country. Why are they getting to ask sh*t?” Aziz Ansari

“Dear everyone in the town hall #debate. Stop reading your questions off your cards like its a hostage note. ” Dane Cook

Still, I think my favorite quote of the night came from my bf, who abruptly jumped up about 10:15 and said, “I’m going to bed. I can’t listen to these lying motherf*rs anymore.”


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