Sylvan Learning Center aka Juvie

Apparently my 9-year-old son thinks that Sylvan Learning Center is a form of juvenile detention/torture chamber. He had alot of difficulty in school last year, so much so that the school was considering retention. So far this year he has done much better: As, Bs and a C in every subject but spelling, in which he is barely pulling a D. I told him that, if he keeps refusing to study his words with me and has not brought his test grades up substantially in two weeks, he is going to have to go to Sylvan.

Immediately tears filled his eyes, he flung himself down and had a full-fledged meltdown. “No, Mommy, not Sylvan. Please, no!” he cried. I tried to explain to him that Sylvan does tutoring to help kids learn and that his cousin had even gone there for awhile, but he was too far gone.

Moral: maybe they can cancel the show “Scared Straight” and just start showing excerpts of tutoring sessions to keep today’s youth on track.


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