whaddaya think?

Ok, I don’t want to become a total bore and make multiple posts about my upcoming wedding, but…I picked out my dress last month, so my sisters and niece went bridesmaid dress shopping this weekend. The color for the wedding was to be yellow. However, the majority of the bridesmaids thought they would look too washed out in that color, so they opted for wisteria, a purple hue. I like the short style of the dresses they chose, but I must admit I’m not really feeling the color.

It will be a spring wedding, so a pastel color probably works best. I found a clover green I liked, but it probably wouldn’t be the most flattering dress color. So, here for your amusement, is a pic of one of the bridesmaid dresses. What do you think? Should I stick with the color, or try to hurry and change the order before it’s placed?

I know it doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things, but feel free to weigh in!


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2 Responses to whaddaya think?

  1. Tracy Parker says:

    Why not stick with the dress pattern and use multiple colors that flatter each bridesmaid? Then you have a beautiful spring bouquet of attendants.

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