crunch time

listI’ve got to get my ass going. The holidays are over, so nothing should be holding me back (other than lack of funds in the immediate future). Our wedding date is March 16th, and before this week, the only planning that had been done was booking the church and reception hall, and buying the wedding dress and bridesmaids’ dresses.

I have at least made a little progress this week. I looked at invitations, ordered the cake, worked on the guest list, registered at a store, made an appointment to meet with the minister, made overtures toward planning the music and started going back to the tanning bed. My mom contacted the photographer and the organist. My fiance made calls about some of the food and the dj, and my dear friend from work offered to get my bouquet.

Tuxes still have to be ordered, a rehearsal dinner has to be planned, programs have to be made, flowers and decorations decided on, some sort of honeymoon planned and God knows what else I’m not thinking of.

And all of this has to happen alongside normal work schedules and routines. One would think that, after waiting until 40 to get married, I would be a little more prepared, but think again. Anyway, I’ll just tell myself that lots of people have managed to survive weddings and get married. I shouldn’t even be bitching because this is a joyous occasion, and I will get to be with someone I love who is good to my son and me.

However, come March 16, if you see a madwoman in a wedding dress hyperventilating over her hair, it’s probably me!


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