Valentine’s Day post

valentineAah, it’s almost Valentine’s Day, that wonderful, red, flowery, candy-filled, lovey holiday! Or is it a cruel, soul-crushing, make you wish for death kinda day? It’s both of course, depending on your circumstances.

I have always hated Valentine’s Day. I remember being in high school, college and the workplace, and seeing the florist deliver vase after vase of red roses and balloons. Only once or twice was there a delivery for me. I also remember hating all the happy couples I saw holding hands. Fast-forward to today…I’m sure there will be countless pictures of gifts and posts from people professing their love on facebook tomorrow.

Although I am now engaged and very much in love, I rest pretty much assured that I will not be receiving a dozen red roses tomorrow, both due to the expense and the fact that it’s a waste of money. Even if I got flowers delivered at work, I wouldn’t be able to fully enjoy them because I would feel guilty for any single, unattached co-workers who might feel bad seeing them.

I guess I’m also seeing Valentine’s Day secondhand now through the eyes of my child, nieces and nephews. Luckily, my son hasn’t discovered girls yet. However, in 4th grade, 50-cent candygrams are already being sold to kids. So, if one boy in his class cleans up and he doesn’t get any, how is he going to feel?

I guess what I’m trying to say is: for all of the super-happy, exhibitionistic couples, the card and candy companies, the florists, and the memory of the pagans who started this thing, Happy Valentine’s Day! For the rest of us, St. Patrick’s Day, the great green beer-drinking holiday, is just around the corner!


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