bmaidWell, I guess it’s happened. I have officially become a bridezilla. Although I ordered the wedding cake over the phone and was told by the photographer that mine was her easisest consulation ever, I finally lost my shit at the Burling Coat Factory this weekend.

My dress, my fiance’s suit and the rest of the wedding party’s outfits have been selected. However, B, my son, was too little to be fitted for a suit at Men’s Wearhouse. The clerk suggested trying Burlington Coat Factory. So, Saturday we went suit-shopping. I found a suit with a black jacket that fit him, but the pants were too big. So I found a smaller pair of pants. He tried on the clothes and shoes, albeit rather uncooperatively. We then headed to the check-out to wait for at least ten minutes. When we finally reached a cashier, I was then informed that suits can’t be mix-and-matched. If I wanted pants from one suit and a jacket from another, I’d have to pay full price for both suits. Incredulous, I ran through the store looking for the matching jacket and pants for the two suits. After rummaging through racks and disturbing a partially-dressed woman in the dressing room, I finally made it back to the check-out counter. I paid for two suits plus shoes.

I may have failed to mention that I was cussing under my breath and running like a lunatic during most of this episode, apparently leading the little check-out lady to say, “Oh Lord, you’ve done gave me a headache.”
I think it goes without question that I won’t be returning to Burlington Coat Factory anytime soon.


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