a litter love story

lovenotes Yesterday afternoon, as my son and I were pulling into my parents’ driveway to spend some time at their pool, I spotted a couple of papers on the ground in front of their fence. Being perhaps unusually annoyed by littering, I impatiently picked them up.

Upon closer inspection, I discovered that they were actually love notes written on two separate greeting cards. They were addressed from Sara inmate #… to Juan (last names withheld for privacy). “Sara + Juan forever” and “I love you, mi amor” pretty much summed up the gist of them.

I showed them to my mom and half-jokingly suggested she file littering charges against Juan, the recipient. She then said that she had heard sirens early that morning, saw that there had been a wreck on the road and wondered if the cards were related to the accident. Later she heard from a neighbor that there had been a fatal wreck, and Juan had been killed. The neighbor also somehow heard that a girl had gone to the hospital after the wreck and said she was eight months pregnant with Juan’s child.

Of course it’s terrible that someone lost his life. I felt guilty for having suggested filing littering charges against a dead man. However, the whole thing kinda makes you wonder: The cards were postmarked 2011. Was the girl who went to the hospital Sara? Had she been released from prison, rehabilitated herself and reunited with Juan? Had she been expecting Juan’s child only to tragically lose him before the baby’s birth? Was Sara a fling Juan had while with his baby’s mother? Was she just a random ex-girlfriend totally unrelated to his current situation?

Can we surmise that the cards held some meaning for Juan since he had held onto them for years, or was he just a packrat like me? Did the cards fall out of his car during the wreck, or were they thrown out? We’ll probably never know, and it’s really none of our business anyway.

Mom said she had thought about trying to locate Juan’s family to return the cards to them. But would they be a sweet reminder of him or evidence of misdeeds that would mar their memories of him? In the end, she just decided to hand them over to the police for any investigation and leave the matter to their discretion.

Regardless, RIP Juan and may God watch over your baby.


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