Happy Independence Day

flagIt seems appropriate that we are celebrating Independence Day this year the week after several positive national moves.

Last week DOMA was overturned, removing a barrier to more states allowing gay marriage/civil unions. An immigration bill, which will provide a path to citizenship, passed a house in Congress. Additionally, the NIH released all but 50 chimpanzees from labs to sanctuaries.

At first blush, these three actions may not seem related. But as a whole, I think they show that the United States is still a democracy on the right path with our eye on freedom and equality. We definitely have our problems: the economy is still struggling, intergenerational poverty persists and education levels still lag behind other industrialized nations. International threats remain in Korea, Syria and the Middle East.

However, the fact remains that we live in a country in which, for the most part, ideas can be expressed and issues can be debated without fear of governmental persecution. Our founding fathers set the precedent for this freedom, and many generations of veterans have fought to protect it.

Everyday on the news we’re bombarded with bad news. But, as you’re enjoying your hamburgers, hot dogs and fireworks today, take a moment to reflect on how lucky and blessed we all are.

Happy 4th of July!


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37-year-old working mom in KY
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