grossing myself out

imageOk, so I’m feeling pretty disgusting lately. I just got my hair colored a couple of weeks ago, but the roots are already starting to show. I’m not huge, but my ass is, relatively speaking. And I have no tan to speak of. I do mow several yards on a regular basis, which I would think would help, but apparently that’s not enough exercise or sun for a woman my age.

So, instead of just typing (which unfortunately doesn’t burn too many calories) and bitching about it, I’m going to try to take some action by regularly exercising, going to the tanning bed and keeping up with hair appointments. I’m going to try to hold myself accountable by writing this, even though with the size of my readership, I might as well be writing with a pen in my paper diary.

Here’s a before pic to try to monitor my progress. Here goes…Wish me luck!


About mcbarlow5

37-year-old working mom in KY
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