Sunday, Sunday…

sunI think we need at least one more Sunday each week. I’m not sure whom to approach about getting such a thing, but I’m pretty sure it would improve society as a whole.


The vast majority of American adults work Monday through Friday. With commutes taken into consideration, most people have an average of three hours a day to do everything that has to be done in their personal lives, like cook dinner, bathe children and keep enough clothes clean to legally cover the family’s bodies throughout the week.

That leaves the weekend. Saturdays are usually reserved for chores, yard work, grocery shopping and all the other activities no one has the time or energy to do during the week.

But Sunday is usually different. Depending on what’s going on, Sunday can be busy and exciting or lazy and peaceful. Regardless, it’s always a surprise and a gift. So don’t you think we’d all be more productive and creative if we had one more Sunday each week? If you know who we can petition to make this happen, please let me know:)


About mcbarlow5

37-year-old working mom in KY
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2 Responses to Sunday, Sunday…

  1. Tracy Parker says:

    While I can understand the need for more Sabbath time, I’ll have to vote against you on this one! Sunday is everything BUT Sabbath for me…I’ll go for another Saturday!

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