Bersain update

b&meBersain has (knock on wood) been doing pretty well since school started. He has brought home his homework and willingly done it for the most part. He is reading and testing on his AR books. He is also very ready to start soccer practice.

The last year and a half has had a lot of changes for him. When my ex and I broke up, we moved. Then I started dating my husband. All of these things were choices I made. He didn’t get to choose, and for awhile he had some confusion. He wanted to know when we could move back to daddy’s and if we broke up because of him, things most kids who have been through a breakup or divorce probably wonder.

However,gradually he got used to his new house. He also got used to a new schedule of spending most nights at home but some with my ex. He and his now-stepdad also spent time bonding fishing and at car shows.

He seems to have come through the period relatively unscathed. Hopefully this is partially due to the adults around him trying to handle the situation as well as possible for him. He continues to spend time with my ex, and he has a good relationship with my husband. Although there have been changes, I have tried to keep some constancy to his routine and schedule too. In the end, he may have just found more people who care about him.

With his maturing and with the help of my husband’s slightly more disciplinary attitude to child-rearing, Bersain’s behavior is also improved. A year and a half ago, I was worried about both our futures. Now, however, if I make it through his teen years, I think we may just be ok…


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