fu*k cancer

fuckcancerYesterday I almost started crying in the self-checkout line at Wal-mart. Being in Wal-mart often has that effect on me, but this was different. I saw a couple of lanes over a woman with no hair wearing a surgical mask checking out her groceries. A baby girl was sitting in her cart, and a little blond boy about four was sitting on a nearby bench waiting for her. When I got outside, I saw she had unloaded the baby and groceries into her car. Her little boy was helping her push the cart into the cartholder.

Cancer sucks, no doubt, whether you’re young or old. But I can’t imagine having cancer and having two little kids. Being tired and sick and still having to take care of kids would be horrible enough. Not knowing if you would survive to raise those kids would have to be almost unbearable.

I don’t know the woman I saw and don’t know anything about her situation. Hopefully she is married and has great support from family and friends. Hopefully her treatment is complete, was successful and she’s in the clear. I just don’t know.

What I do know is the next time I feel tempted to bitch about being stuck in traffic or some other mundane problem, I hope I take a breath first.

And btw, lady in Wal-mart, I hope you kick cancer’s ass!


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37-year-old working mom in KY
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