Thank You!

wolfdogOver the last couple of weeks in KY, several animal abuse cases have come to the forefront. In Rowan County and another Eastern Ky county, hoarders kept dozens of animals in squalor. In Wayne County, a puppy mill operator kept over 100 animals in putrid conditions. In Ohio County, a woman died and was eaten by the starving wolf dogs she had hoarded.

Other than the case involving a dead woman, the cases are being dealt with by mental health professionals and/or the court system. However, if it weren’t for rescue organizations stepping up, the animal victims would have little or no assistance.

STAR in Rowan County and Lexington Humane Society are caring for the hoarded animals and preparing those they can for adoption. Animal Rescue Corps has come to the aid of the puppy mill victims, and Wolf Run in Jessamine County is taking in many of the wolf dogs. Meanwhile, the Arrow Fund in Louisville cares for many individual animal victims in various abuse cases.

Please show your gratitude to these and other agencies with your donations and support! They can’t do what they do without it.


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2 Responses to Thank You!

  1. Trish says:

    The hoarder dogs that STAR is caring for came from Fleming Co, not Rowan Co. STAR’s website is

  2. mcbarlow5 says:

    Thanks for the clarification and link!

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