Today Show Trickery

hodalMy 66-year old mother and her friends have been discussing a puzzling conundrum since New Year’s Day. First, my mother questioned at lunch how Al Roker and Hoda Kotb could have seemingly been on the NY Today Show and then within the hour were hosting the Rose Parade in CA. I had noticed the same thing but just chalked it up to pre-taping or airing from another studio.

Then, one of mom’s friends posted the same question with a link to NBC’s email address on facebook. I took the liberty of forwarding their question to NBC but have yet to receive a response.

Next, mom’s hairdresser shared her confusion at Al and Hoda’s performance. If anyone has a definitive answer to this puzzle, please let me know. The only theories I have come up with are:

A. There is a rational explanation.

B.NBC has discovered the secret to time travel. Or

C. Women of a certain age generally are baffled by technology.

(P.S. Mom also thinks the ball should be dropped in NYC every hour on the hour for hours so that all Americans can see it happen live.)


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2 Responses to Today Show Trickery

  1. L. Palmer says:

    I think it’s B. It would make NBC so much more interesting.

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