taste the rainbow

rainbowpThe rainbow pictured here is not the rainbow I saw on the way to work today, and I’ll tell you why.

I was driving west after a deluge of rain last night. I was attempting to sing along with John Legend’s new love song on the radio, when I saw it: a pretty pastel faint rainbow almost directly in front of me. What was my first impulse? To pull out my phone and snap a picture of it to post on social media or this blog.

As I was reaching for my phone, I stopped myself. Why, I wondered, did I feel the need to document something so natural and beautiful? Was it to share the beauty, or was it to see if I got likes, comments or retweets? Both?

Regardless, I decided to just enjoy the peaceful, serene moment without sharing it with my world. Maybe we don’t really need to document every minute of our day to remind ourselves what happened. Sometimes a sweet memory is all we really need.


About mcbarlow5

37-year-old working mom in KY
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