Bersainisms III?

imageAs a few may know, I have tried to keep record on this blog of funny or cute things Bersain, my son, has said over the years. I have done this more so that I will remember them than for any other reason. I have just a few additions:

After a particularly bad case of road rage I experienced, of which I am not proud, he asked “Well mommy, is your cuss box all cussed out now?” Apparently sarcasm is an acquired trait in our family.

After scolding him for having an online chat with a stranger over a game, he replied, “But mommy, he or she doesn’t know my name, and I don’t know he or she’s name.”

Also, he recently ordered some games on his Ipod after I forgot to take my debit card off our ITunes account after making a purchase. When I informed him that I changed the password so he could not make that “mistake” again, he said ” That password’s for you to know and me to learn. Mommy, your passwords are so easy a brick could figure them out.”

Sometimes I don’t know whether he’s goofy or an evil genius…


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