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horseTwo seemingly unrelated topics have been on my mind lately: the covering of Viagra, but not some forms of birth control, by Hobby Lobby, and the use of Premarin, a hormone replacement made from pregnant horse urine.

How, one might ask, are the two related? Both practices can cause harm to babies, both human and horse. Stay with me here for a minute.

Let’s just say a male Hobby Lobby employee refills his covered Viagra prescription and is ready to go. His girlfriend or wife can’t get her birth control, so she ends up pregnant. Now an unplanned child is on the way. Will it be aborted or put up for adoption? If it’s the latter, who will adopt the baby when there is already a dearth of foster/adoptive parents?

Now, let’s say a mare is being farmed for her urine, the primary ingredient in Premarin. She is kept pregnant as often as possible. If her foals aren’t sold or adopted, where will they end up? In the same situation as her? Or worse, shipped out of the country to slaughter?

Of course, people should have the option for treatment if having typical aging problems like impotence, dryness or hot flashes. However, there are other plant-based alternatives to Premarin. And, if Viagra is covered, shouldn’t different forms of birth control be too?

With all of the problems currently going on in the world, from fighting in Gaza to an immigration crisis right here at home, it just makes sense that people can find solutions to their sexual inadequacies without putting babies at risk.


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  1. utahrob says:

    As near as I can tell, from watching commercials on TV, my life is lacking because I don’t use Cialis. The guy with E. D. always has the hot chick, the great guy toys, and the nice house. I could go with the reesty scruffy look and save on razors, but I like the people I kiss. I guess women have forgotten what causes whisker burn.

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