Deep Thoughts with Bersain

cougarballRecently, Bersain has shared some interesting thoughts with me. Last week, he said he thought ISIS was behind the Ebola outbreak. I asked him if he had been watching FOX News again, as he is apt to do at my parents’ house. But he said he just thought, since ISIS came around before Ebola, that was what had happened.

A few days ago, a campaign commercial was on talking about amnesty. He asked me what that was. When I explained it and that some people do not think we have room in our country for everyone who wants to come, he said that is ridiculous. He said we have fifty states. He also said that, with the volcano in Hawaii, lava is going to turn to igneous rock, which will create a lot of new land. So I guess we can just send all illegal immigrants to Hawaii from now on.

Apparently he is going to have a wide variety of opinions, some conservative and some liberal!


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2 Responses to Deep Thoughts with Bersain

  1. utahrob says:

    If he had been watching FOX, he would have blamed Obama for the Ebola as well as the eruption. If he had been watching MSNBC, he would be thankful that Obama came down from the cross so we could use the wood. At least he’s thinking and asking questions.

  2. mcbarlow5 says:

    Haha! True. Good points!

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