Immigration imo

imageLast night President Obama laid out his executive decision plan on immigration. The measure will delay deportations of parents of citizens and underage undocumented immigrants and their families. It will also allow them to apply to work during that period.

Many conservatives feel the plan is unlawful and will harm Americans. First, immigrants already perform much low-wage needed work in the U.S., mainly in the agricultural and service sectors. Currently those who are undocumented pay into Social Security without any chance of recompensation. Second, millions of Americans who could perform the work live on welfare benefits.  The first did not cause the second. If anything, it was the other way around. If more Americans had been willing to work, the doors would not have been opened so far to Mexicans and others, mainly from Central America, seeking opportunity and refuge from corruption at home.

As the president admitted, his plan needs to work in conjunction with tightened border control. No country can handle the sheer swelling population increase of unlimited immigration. The possibility of Muslim terrorists blending in with Latino immigrants remains a possibility. Mexican drug cartels continue to smuggle their product into the country. However, the president’s plan will in no way nullify the ability to deport those convicted of serious crimes.

Personally, I don’t particularly like the idea of presidents using executive decision power. However, it is legal and has been used before, even by Reagan and Bush. Perhaps if Congress had worked with the President on this issue over the last six years, the action would not be necessary.


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