the whole fam damily

imageimageSince a recent post focused on my son Bersain (as many of them do), I figured it was time to pay homage to (or roast) the rest of the kids in the extended family too:

Kirsten-16, the oldest of my nieces and nephews, is beautiful, strong, athletic, and mean as a snake, but will stick up for anyone she feels is an underdog or has been unjustly treated. She can be a bit dingy at times, but then again she is a natural blonde. Since she was the first child of her generation in the family, I loved her so much when she was little that I didn’t realize until later how horrible she was as a young child, which brings us to…

Karson-12, Kirsten’s brother, was the biggest baby in the hospital nursery when he was born. He also had an unusually large head. He was as quiet and calm as Kirsten was boisterous and energetic. He has grown into his head and is now taller than I am. He is cute, smart, musical and girl-crazy. I’m hoping he’ll outgrow the last trait, but I’m not counting on it. Both kids treat Bersain like a baby brother, for better and worse.

Aiden-6, my other sister’s oldest, who looks like a cherub, with his round face, blond curly hair and blue eyes, has one of the loudest voices I have ever heard in a child. He uses that voice to clearly and precisely enunciate his words, which are many and prolific. Although he loves practicing WWE wrestling moves with Bersain, he’s smart as a whip.

Addisyn-3, Aiden’s sister and the baby of the family, is somewhat of an enigma at this point. Although she doesn’t say much yet, she knows everything going on around her, unless she’s busy running with the wind in her brown hair in her own little world. She likes to dress up like Princess Sofia and hit her brother with his toys. She’s definitely going to be interesting.

Henri-5, my little cousin, is cute, smart and, like Bersain, on the small side for his age. He likes to play tball and do whatever “Pa”, his grandfather is doing, whether it’s walking the dog or mowing the yard. He has also had somewhat of a fetish with dressing up as policemen and firefighters.

Kathryn-27, my stepdaughter, is not technically a “kid”, but that doesn’t make her safe. Unique, artistic and intelligent, she is working her way through nursing school and performing with a burlesque group. A fellow animal lover, she is a much better pet owner than I am.

Well, that’s about it. Talk to you soon, unless I’m killed by family members first.


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