sisterI’ve always said I’m glad I wasn’t an only child because I don’t think I could have handled our parents on my own. So, I’m mostly, but not always glad I had two sisters. Being the oldest, I was really excited when Mandy was born. I was four, and I thought she was wonderful. I would hold her for hours and feed her. I even made my mom and grandmothers come to a six-month birthday party for her. By the time Katy arrived two years later, Mandy had become sortof annoying. I don’t remember paying a lot of attention to Katy (aka Booth), but I remember thinking she was really cute, with her round face and dirty-blonde curls.

Over the next few years, Mandy and Booth seemed to me to be partners in crime, giggling after they pooped under my bed or wiped boogers on my wall. Now that we’re all grown, I’ll try to summarize each to the best of my ability, which shouldn’t be too hard considering I’ve known them longer than anyone else other than my parents.

Mandy was pretty much responsible for two of the three black eyes I have had (Bersain jumping up and down when he was little gets responsibility for the third.).  The first one occurred after she wanted me to cut her hair.  We went to the barn so we wouldn’t get hair in the house.  About halfway through the cut, she decided she didn’t like it, so she ran off.  After she looked in the mirror and saw one side long and one side short, she ran at me and punched me in the face.  The second came when I was trying to defend her during a fight she got into with another little girl. Now Mandy is hard-working, a good mom and an excellent housekeeper. She’s nice and sweet, at least in public. At home, well let’s just say I do feel a little sympathetic for my brother-in-law at times. She has a strange ability to immediately know the number of letters in a phrase. For instance, if you say,Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, she automatically says 29.

Katy has always blamed me for getting her started in her partying ways she had when she was young.  For some reason, after she begged me, I took her, along with Mandy, to a Christmas party when I was 21.  Katy was 14 at the time.  I looked around and didn’t see her.  Then someone told me she had left in a car with a guy who had been drinking and smoking weed.  When she returned a few minutes later, I sent her home immediately. Katy is now a great mom and good cook. Her most annoying trait is her tendency to cry for no apparent reason. She has some psychic abilities and also has really nice hand-writing for a left-hander.

But seriously…they’re both great sisters , and they’ve given me four great nieces and nephews.


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