small minds

imageWhen I woke up this morning, I never dreamed I’d be blogging about Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner before day’s end. I’ve never been a fan of the Kardashians’ TV show, and I was still trying to learn the alphabet during Jenner’s Olympics heyday.

However, as you know by now unless you’ve been cut off from all internet and TV media today, Jenner debuted her new female persona and name with photos in Vanity Fair. I had seen outtakes of Jenner’s recent interview with Diane Sawyer. Frankly, I was a little concerned about what his female version would look like. My first reaction: Damn, she looks good! If I ever win the lottery, maybe I should get some work done.

My next reaction was actually disgust in response to some others’ reactions. I have seen comments by other so-called Christians announcing that Jenner is an abomination and will surely burn in hell. While I don’t fully understand Jenner’s decision, it really doesn’t affect me in any way. It would seem to me that any number of issues, including damage to the environment, poverty or even child molestation, would draw more ire from people than someone making a personal decision. However, some of the people condemning Jenner are the same ones supporting Josh Duggar, an admitted child molester. Is it just me, or is something seriously amiss here?

Yes, Jenner will no doubt benefit financially from transitioning so publicly. However, hopefully she will also give some sexually confused teenagers hope and save some lives.

All I can say to her is, You go, girl!


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