Deer me

imageLuckily I got some casework done at work this morning, because I spent much of the afternoon on a wild goose chase. Saturday I saw this picture of a fawn in the local paper. The caption stated that it had been left alone by the mother all day at the local water plant, and that a city employee had taken it home.

Considering that it is actually illegal to keep wildlife as a pet and that deer raised by hand are usually unable to survive in the wild, I set out to find out where the deer was. I called the water plant and was told the name of a city employee whose mother, an employee at a vet’s office, had been involved in the deer’s rescue. When I called the employee, she said she could not give me any information on the deer and hung up on me.

I then paid a visit to the city manager’s office. After having to resort to saying that I might have to contact the press and Fish & Wildlife (which I would be loath to do, considering their botched killing of a mountail lion in the area last year), he eventually gave me the name of the vet the employee’s mother works for. The vet confirmed that his employee has the deer and said he thought it was an appropriate placement.

I’m sure the woman was just trying to help the deer and means well. I just hope that, whe the deer matures, it does not escape its home and find itself unable to survive.

If there is a moral to this story, I guess it is to contact a wildlife specialist if you find wildlife in need. A good resource in the central Ky area is the Kentucky Wildlife Center, which can be reached at 859-280-3053.


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