f*ck the flag

And now to probably piss off everybody with my two cents about this flag thing: it’s apparent to me that we still have a long way to go with race relations in this country. As you can probably guess from the meme pictured here, I think Gov. Haley is on the right track calling for the removal of the Confederate flag from the South Carolina Capitol grounds. I have seen the social media comments saying that the flag is a sign of heritage and not racism, but frankly I have to call bullshit on that one. The Confederacy was founded on the principle of states’ rights. However, one of those state rights they wanted to preserve was the right to own slaves. Whatever “heritage” the flag symbolizes is far outweighed by its symbolism of racism, hatred and the KKK. As a particular reminder to the majority of Kentuckians who, according to an online poll, think the flag should be left up, Kentucky was not even part of the Confederacy, but a border state in the Civil War. By the way, removing the flag from SC’s capitol would not preclude its private use. If some redneck wanted to fly it in his yard or post it above the balls on the back of his pickup truck, nothing would stop him.

Beyond the issue of the flag, do I understand why black people are upset about fairly recent happenings like the shooting of Trayvon Martin? Yes, I do. George Zimmerman (who is not just white, but Latino btw) was acquitted for killing Martin for no reason. Since his acquittal, he has proven himself to be an idiot by getting into trouble with guns again, as well as fighting with his ex-wife and girlfriends.

Do I understand why some white people are upset about the level of attention given to the shooting of Michael Brown? Yes, I do. As much stupid shit as some cops do, including shooting pets and innocent people like the black guy in a random traffic stop in SC (again), I think the officer in the Brown shooting was over-vilified for shooting a robbery suspect who may have been rushing him.

But back to the flag, let’s remember why this whole debate began. Nine innocent people were killed in church during prayer service by a possibly mentally ill, definitely racist moron in Charleston, SC last week. According to reports, after the crazy-looking white boy with the bowl haircut joined the prayer group, some of the little church-going black ladies told him they enjoyed him. Can’t you just picture them saying that? Let’s honor their memory by letting some good come of this needless tragedy. Let’s remove the Confederate flag from society so the next fucked-up kid can’t use it as an excuse for mass murder. Come on, y’all!


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