Wake Up, Murica!


terroristisisThe last week has been a whirlwind in the U.S. Between talks of taking down the Confederate flag from state capitols and gay marriage becoming the law of the land, Americans have had to digest unbelievable changes in a very short time. Although the fights for such measures have gone on for decades, their fruition still seems fairly shocking.

It’s shocking in a good way for liberals, gays and many blacks. Let’s face it: we’re still celebrating! And it’s hard not to gloat a little bit, after all the hateful rhetoric that has played on.

It’s even more shocking (not in such a good way) for many older people, conservatives and evangelical Christians. Some continue to rail against changes that have already occurred. Bless their hearts, it will take them some time to accept reality.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump couldn’t make it a week into his campaign before losing his TV show, after pissing off a third of the US population with racist remarks about Mexicans.

One thing is true for all Americans though. These issues, great as they may be, have distracted the nation from even more important concerns. A real danger continues for America in the form of terrorism, both domestic and foreign. Roof, the Charleston shooter, whose full name I won’t give him the satisfaction of typing, is as much an enemy of the entire US as he is of blacks (as illustrated by the above pic). ISIS continues its rampage of terror throughout the globe without any concern for life. One thing Trump is right about, despite the fact that he expressed the view in a disgusting manner, is that terrorists can enter our country through lax borders.

At this point, I believe we need to show no mercy for any terrorists, American or not. We may have to accept a certain amount of loss of personal privacy to allow effective phone and internet surveillance. We have to secure the borders, in a way that is humane to undocumented workers and/or children already here. We also have to beef up airline security in a commonsense way that doesn’t just make little old grannies take off their shoes and jewelry.

Personally, on the eve of our Independence Day,  it’s terrorism, human and ecological, that scares the shit out of me. I don’t know about you, but I ‘ve never felt threatened by throngs of Mexican migrant workers or gay rights activists…


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