ky woman

kimdavisI am a Kentucky woman. I have a hick accent, grew up in the country and like sweet tea. However, unlike another infamous Ky woman Kim Davis, I don’t wear ankle-length skirts and hair and am not a homophobic hypocrite.

Today, after flouting the Supreme Court twice, Davis and her staff appear in federal court on contempt charges. I hope she gets fined. However, any fine she is assessed will probably just be paid from her Liberty lawyers’ coffers. In the unlikely event she gets jail time, she will just be martyred by her brethren.

Ky is already deservedly or not the victim of stereotyping by others around the nation and world. This situation has only increased the comments, mostly along the lines of “Well, it is Kentucky” or “Don’t they all marry their cousins”. Whatever happens in court, I just hope Davis goes away, the sooner the better. Better to let Ky be known for fast horses, beautiful women and good bourbon than dowdy, overweight gay-bashers with multiple marriages.


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37-year-old working mom in KY
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