GnR diversion

With everything going on in the country and world today and no really good ideas on solving the problems, I thought I’d try posting something a little fun instead. My niece and I got to see Guns n Roses (the real original version) recently. The concert was awesome. The main difference between this concert and the last concert of theirs that I saw in the early 90s, other than Axl’s slightly more rotund figure (although he does appear to be getting in shape on tour), was the lower energy level of the audience. I couldn’t believe some people around us sat throughout most of the concert. Granted we were in upper arena in the cheap seats, but still. Anyway, here’s a little quiz to let you know if you’re a true Guns n Roses fan:

1. You remember exactly where you were the first time you heard (and saw the video for) Welcome to the Jungle.

2. You perfected Axl’s serpentine dance for Sweet Child O Mine.

3. You own the tape, cd or download of every GnR album created, even The Spaghetti Incident and Chinese Democracy.

4. You cried when the original band broke up, and you wished for twenty-plus years that they would someday kiss and make up.

5. You smiled maniacally when you finally saw the band perform reunited!

If you agreed with all of the above statements, congratulations! You are a true Guns n Roses fan. For all those opposed, well…(extra credit for getting the reference in that last sentence) šŸ™‚


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