post-election pause

Well, the election is long over, so you either don’t care, are overjoyed and waiting for America to be great again, or are like me and just now recovering from the shock of having the first orange president instead of the first woman president. Or maybe you’re like Kanye West, and the election results have turned you from a Clinton supporter to a BLM/Trump supporter, and you’re so confused you had to cancel your tour and have a mental collapse (granted, not much of a catalyst might be needed for that for him).

Regardless, Trump is what we’re stuck with for the next four years, unless he’s somehow impeached. I for one am going to try to give it a chance. I’m just going to have to be more selfish and not worry about others. After all, I’m straight, white and definitely too old to ever need a safe abortion, so I should be good. I do have a Latino son, but hell, he’s almost grown, so I guess he’ll just have to learn to fend for himself. Kids these days are so coddled, maybe it’ll be good for him. And hey, maybe my health insurance premium will go down a little when all the E Ky Trump voters lose their Obamacare.

Kudos to all you crazy kids out protesting and wearing safety pins-good on ya! It’s just too much for me. Kanye and I will just be over here having our respective breakdowns.


About mcbarlow5

37-year-old working mom in KY
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