Ky General Assembly helps law enforcement animals, but hurts assistance animals serving people with disabilities

K9, search & rescue and narcotics and bomb-detection dogs will soon have a little more protection thanks to a new law passed by the legislature.

Currently if a service animal, including a K9 or disability assistance animal, is killed or unable to return to service as a result of an assault, the perpetrator can be charged with a felony crime. The new law will provide that a felony can be charged even if a K9 animal can return to work.

Unfortunately, due to a committee substitute added to the bill HB 93 in the House Judiciary Committee, chaired by Joe Fischer, disability assistance animals will no longer be covered under the felony law at all.

While glad that law enforcement animals will have greater protection, I am saddened that other service animals who protect, comfort and assist individuals with disabilities will actually have less protection as a result of the law.


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37-year-old working mom in KY
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